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Wellness in Business

MyMedChoices™ recognizes the benefits of wellness in business. The United States is one of the largest wellness industries in the world because employers are conscious of both productivity and healthcare costs.

Conventional preventive healthcare is expanding to meet new needs, work-related stress is responsible for roughly 5-8% of annual healthcare costs in the United States. More employers are focused on creating a culture of wellness by incorporating more healthcare options into their employee benefits.

We help employers develop successful programs focused on wellness services, and work with your organization to find the best wellness programs that have proven outcomes.

Bundled Payment Options for Self-Funded Employers

MyMedChoices™ provides self-funded employers with more choices of healthcare at a premium level through our Centers of Excellence. Your employees access the most respected physicians, hospital leaders, nurses, and other clinical experts who deliver top outcomes, allowing them to recover faster with better results.

Significant cost-savings are offered via bundled case rates, creating substantial reductions in the total cost per episode of care. We also provide year round - 24 hour a day availability for monitoring with our Telehealth software.

How Bundled Care Works

The premise of bundled payments is simple:

  • Healthcare providers are paid a fixed price for a collection of healthcare services centered around an episode of care.

  • Payment programs can be structured to accommodate different patient populations, provider readiness, and market conditions.

  • We take the worry off of your Human Resource department by having pre-negotiated bundled pricing with Centers of Excellence.

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