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HEAD: En Vogue With Vegan Fashion: Turning Plants Into Fabrics

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Vegan Skin Clinic is about more than just skin care!

While many cite animal welfare as their original reason for switching to a plant-based diet, embracing veganism full-on into one’s sartorial choices is a whole new ballgame. Though it's become relatively easy to avoid furs and other clothes that utilize animal pelts, other animal-derived materials like leathers and skins still remain an integral part of modern fashion, used throughout boots, coats, hats, and everything in-between.

Living as a modern vegan shouldn’t hinder anyone’s ability to dress in style, and certainly shouldn’t have to come at the sacrifice of conscientious choices. Below, we explore three up-and-coming innovative brands that are changing the way we embrace veganism into our daily dress code -- and look damn good doing it.


The brainchild of two Mexican designers, Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, Desserto was created with the very idea of finding an alternative fabric to animal leather. Utilizing Mexico’s ever-popular nopales, better known to non-natives as a form of cacti, the duo managed to create a sustainable and animal-free leather from the plant to use in the design of clothing and accessories.

Beyond looking eerily similar to its real leather counterpart, Desserto likewise is crafted without toxic chemicals, is partially biodegradable, and is completely cruelty free, making the nopal-based fabric perfect for any plant-based designer out there.


Run by a global network of outdoor-lovers, Tree Tribe implements its leaf-leather sustainably harvested from teak and banana trees into a number of trendy accessories, including wallets, clutch bags, and notebooks. Available in a variety of eye-catching tones, Tree Tribe’s products offer the opportunity for both a statement and sustainable addition to your wardrobe. Plus, every sale from Tree Tribe results in a new tree being planted somewhere around the globe, already totaling nearly half a million trees across the map thus far.


Shoe lovers -- rejoice! There’s an ethical alternative to footwear that both your feet and heart will enjoy; meet Beyond Skin, the U.K. company designing heels, boots and shoes worthy of a night out while sustainable and recycled fabrics. While a stereotype exists that vegan fashion products are frumpy, Beyond Skin refutes this wholeheartedly with its on-trend, expansive collection of shoes.

The company even makes sure its Spanish factories are run with careful consideration of its employees, ensuring neither humans nor animals are exploited or harmed in the making of Beyond Skin’s products.

Though alternative fabric-focused fashion is still catching on to the mainstream public, style savvy vegans may rest assured knowing its not only possible, but fashionable, to have a wardrobe filled with animal product-free clothing.


We at Vegan Skin Clinic believe that beauty and overall wellness go hand in hand. That aspiring to beauty is one of the key motivators we have for keeping physically, spiritually, and mentally fit.

Our approach to organic beauty revolves around natural skin care that acts in advance to prevent environmentally caused aging. Vegan Skin Clinic offers wellness skin care masks, scrubs and exfoliants that nourishes your body and mind.

This new awareness has created a rise in people who want healthier beauty choices. They require independent, clean, organic plant based products for self-care, and that’s why we created Vegan Skin Clinic. Join us in the revolution!

Mary Schreiber Swenson, PhD

Founder CEO of Vegan Skin Clinic

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