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Keeping Beauty Cruelty-Free in the Harsh Winter Months

Keeping Beauty Cruelty-Free in the Harsh Winter Months

Winter: a season simultaneously adored and dreaded by all who encounter it. Though the frosty time is filled with heart-warming festivities, holiday cheer, and a hefty dose of nostalgia in the form of family, friends, and traditions, winter likewise brings with it a metaphorical (but oftentimes literal) slap in the face to beauty lovers everywhere, as the cold seeps beyond the doors outside and into adversely affecting our beloved skin, hair and facial features.

Though many heavy-duty products exist to help combat the cold, cosmetics aficionados with a penchant for cruelty-free products and vegan ingredients are often left at a loss and to suffer in the winter snow, as many of these winter-oriented products are jam-packed with animal derivatives. Though the desired one-size-fits-all miracle vegan product has yet to be discovered, today we explore some of the best and brightest ingredients to look out for next time you search for your vegan beauty purchase, ensuring a little extra help through the harsh winter months.

For the Lips

It may be the season for kisses under the mistletoe, but very few wish to pucker up for a pair of flaky chapped lips under a plant-adorned doorway. Search for products infused with shea butter, which will add a much-needed dose of intense moisture to your lips and is naturally extracted from the African shea tree, keeping furry friends safe in the process.

Balms made from hemp oil will also help protect your mouth from the elements, as the ingredient’s fatty acids pack a major punch in plumping a pout.

For the Face

As the body’s largest organ, human skin requires extra maintenance and care to ensure its longevity and elasticity. Products with green tea will help soothe skin bothered by the blistering wind outside, as well as provide sought-after antioxidants to fight the signs of aging.

Colloidal oatmeal has likewise had a recent surge in popularity, as its skin-calming properties make it the must-have ingredient for vegan skincare in the winter months.

For the Hair

Yet another adverse effect of the season, winter’s freezing weather often turns hair dry and brittle, far from the bouncing and lustrous manes seen during the warmer times of year. As such, oils are a vegan beauty lover’s best friend, offering highly penetrating moisture to quench stressed and dehydrated strands.

Stay on the lookout for products infused with argan oil, avocado oil and castor oil, as these three superpower lipids will keep your hair shiny, healthy and protected until spring has sprung.

While the onset of winter may be a frightening reality for those just beginning their transition into vegan and cruelty beauty, fear no more; following our must-have cold weather ingredients list will take you through the most frigid part of the year as easily as a summer breeze.

Mary Schreiber Swenson, PhD

​Founder |CEO

My Med Choices | Vegan Skin Clinic


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